Hybrid Backup Box

Your data is your business and you want protection that’s built with your needs in mind. Too many businesses don’t have a proper data protection solution or have complicated systems that are unnecessary and have a big impact on your business’s profitability. The Hybrid Backup box is designed for small businesses like yourself.

Real time, incremental backup

The Hybrid Backup Box makes incremental updates as files are added or modified, so the latest version is always safe and sound, without impacting system performance.

Back up exactly what you want with filters

Filters such as file type, name, or size allow you to choose specific files and folders to backup

Go back in time with file history

This saves up to 32 point-in-time copies of each file, allowing you to go back in time and recover files that were overwritten or accidentally deleted.


How does it work?

  • Backup box connects to your network
  • Computers backup the data to the box
  • Synchronized to the Cloud


This gives you instant access to your data locally in your office without having to wait for large downloads, but also gives you the protection of offsite backup should the very worst happen.


Why choose Gbiz IT?

Locally based in Teesside

We don’t use jargon

Simple and clear pricing

Guaranteed response times

Hybrid Backup Box
£ 49
per month